Our Value Proposition

The key objective of our change management process is to facilitate accelerated delivery of targeted performance benefits (e.g improved staff productivity/Applied Legislative requirements) with the least possible disruption to the organisation (e.g seamless transition) which means we focus on the following:

  • Ensure alignment from the key leadership team, business functional leads, expert users and process owners 
  • Build commitment from the key leadership team, business functional leads, expert users and process owners towards motivating, communicating to, and acceptance of the new ways of working for the end users
  • Work with the functional teams to overcome any resistance to the acceptance of a “different” way of working 
  • Effective and appropriate collaboration with the Project team to ensure timely and relevant information is communicated and the stakeholders’ expectations are managed throughout the project

Research has proven that an organisation is 6 times more likely to succeed in any change initiative if they employ Change Management consultant than if they don’t.


Although Change Logic specialises in Change Management specific engagements the types of Change we deal with varies across clients.  The following is a list of Change initiatives that we have worked on:

  • Strategic Transformation Programmes
  • ERP System Implementations (SAP & Oracle) 
  • Calypso System Implementations
  • Real Estate Optimisation (REO)
  • Compliance / Legislation Initiatives
  • Business Information Warehouse
  • Acquisitions and Mergers
  • Performance Management
  • Executive Alignment Reviews and Facilitation
  • Franchising
  • Lean and Agile Transformations (Kaizania)
  • Safe 4 Training (Kaizania)

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