About Us

We are typically approached when our clients need specialised change management to ensure that the transformation in their organisation is done in a professional manner.

Change Logic achieves sustainable change while minimising disruption and maximising the realisation of benefits, assimilated into organisations via a process that places a high value on aligning leadership to clearly defined goals and visions for what is trying to be achieved over the longer term.

Our broad areas of expertise cover four primary areas of client involvement.  These are:

  • Quick Turnaround Diagnostic Assessment.
  • Benefits Centric Management of Strategic Change.
  • Office Relocation Change Management.
  • Survey Based Knowledge and Perceptions Mining.

We have diverse expertise that extends into the Financial Services, Retail, Mining, Gaming, Facilities Management and Managed Health Care Industries

Change Logic currently employs approximately 90 full/part-time consultants and is a Value added BB-BEE Level 2. Supplier Status (See a copy of our BEE Certificate here)

Our Framework

Change Logic uses a change initiative framework that caters for both immediate business impacts resulting from legislation projects or programs as well as the more subtle changes experienced over the longer term. 

This Methodology has been developed and improved over the course of a number of change initiatives and is used as the basis for developing a detailed approach for any project or programme.  It is merely a starting point from which we work.  No projects are identical and each has its own specific requirements that need to be assessed and managed.  The Change Management Framework is depicted in the diagram below.

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